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Mayfair Shaving Cream Tube 75gr


Start the day with ablutions in the traditional way: Designed for the dynamic gentleman on the go this shaving cream is conveniently packaged in a 75g tube. It is the essential washbag item, ideal for a weekend away or a meeting abroad.

This glycerin-based shaving cream have been carefully formulated to lightly hydrate and balance the skin, achieving the ultimate close shave without the irritation. This blend employs notes from our Mayfair Cologne, such as lemon and mandarin, with a herbal whisper of rosemary and bergamot ending with a honeyed twist of neroli and musk that will complement your morning routine wonderfully.

Perfect for use with our superior shaving brushes and razors.

Mayfair Shaving Cream Tube 75gr
Mayfair Shaving Cream Tube 75gr Angebot€23,00