PANTHERELLA 5x3 Rib Over The Calf Socks, Scarlet

Pantherella, 100% Cotton

Artikuls: 6608 Scarlet

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Cotton Lisle Vale 5x3 Rib Tailored Over The Calf Socks


Over the calf mens socks are a classic and elegant choice for everyday wear.


An ideal wardrobe essential Vale 5x3 Rib solid colour tailored over the calf socks from Pantherella give you refined comfort and fit.
Pantherella's tailored socks are akin to a bespoke piece of clothing, for the very best in fit choose Pantherella tailored socks. Designed with close comfort at the forefront your Pantherella tailored socks will give you a snug fit with socks that match your footwear size.

Made In England Since 1937


Pantherella first opened its doors in 1937 in Great Britain and began trading as Midlands Hosiery Mills, an established women's hosiery factory. Fast forward to 1945 and its name was changed and a legend was born: Pantherella Fine English Socks began trading.


The maverick behind Pantherella was Louis Goldschmidt, he had a vision that fine gauge english socks were the future. Tired of producing bulky bland, uncomfortable socks for men he believed that lightweight, seamless, fancy socks would be in high demand. After careful persuasion Goldschmidt convinced local machine makers P.A. Bentley to produce a specialist sock machine. The demand for lightweight mens socks was significant. By the time the competitors cottoned on to Goldschmidt’s   innovative design plans he had already set the industry standard, leaving the competition in the shadows. Pantherella were renowned for creating the worlds finest socks.
Over his time in the industry Goldschmidt had developed an admirable list of contacts, enabling him to export his products within Europe. It was during the 1940s he began exporting to North America, followed by Australia in later years. Pantherella's exports grew to huge numbers, on average 75% of production. Pantherella was a storming success the world over.
Pantherella has never shied away from setting precedents; when others have turned to cheaper alternatives, Pantherella have held firm in their beliefs, still today making all of its fine english socks right there behind the blue door at its family owned factory in Leicester, Great Britain. Pantherella's philosophy of 'Provenance, Design & Quality' still rings true today. Its collections have advanced in leaps and bounds since the early days of Louis' basic ribbed socks.

In year 1990 Pantherella was purchased by iconic brand Burberry.



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